About us

IIP Brothers is a success in every project thanks to a team of specialists who work on the project as a single mechanism

We have several trademarks and more than 10 patents for our products and technologies

In 2105, we received an Apple    MFI license  to integrate lightning connectors in our gadgets, also VIZA and MAsterCard license  for contactless NFC payments

Crypto and Blockchain consulting. Crypto bots for successful trading on the stock exchange and CRM 

IIP Brothers Limited

Our company was founded in Hong Kong by Pashko brothers in 2013. Later, the co-owner of the company became Alexander Berulava. The IIP team began our activities with the development of gadgets and software under our own brands. Today our portfolio includes more than 10 successful already developmented projects and mass production of electronic gadgets with BLE and NFS technologies. Since 2015 the company is studying the technology Blockchain. And already there is first version of our own cryptobot for successful trade on crypto-exchange. In 2017, we began consultations in the field of crypto-currency, as well as in the management of cryptocapital.

Our Expert Team

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We respond freely to any questions that relate to our products, cooperation with us, crypto-currency consulting.